Embody Shampoo

Embody Shampoo

Dry/Thin/Damaged Hair
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Gently yet thoroughly cleanse your hair while you revel in the feel of the silky, luxurious foam created by this enriching sulfate-free shampoo. A celebration for your senses, hair and scalp! Our unique blend of certified organic extracts, vitamins and minerals restores the volume and visible qualities of healthy hair. Nature is offering you the gift of a beautiful botanical bouquet highlighted by a mélange of fragrance including white jasmine, bergamot and amber for a sensuous experience.


Why Embody Shampoo?

Wisdome Organics products are replete with luxurious, highly effective ingredients which nourish the hair follicle, strengthening, revitalizing and protecting each strand of hair. Welcome to your healthier, more beautiful head of hair.

How to use: Wet hair thoroughly. Rub small amount of shampoo between hands to create a silky foam. Lather throughout hair and massage scalp gently. Rinse. Follow with Embody Conditioner.

  • Japanese Swertia Extract promotes scalp circulation and encourages hair growth.
  • Acai Berry strengthens the root and hair shaft and discourages thinning.
  • Panthenol improves hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility.
  • Natural antioxidants enhance color protection.
  • Botanical Proteins and Peptides restore the strength, sheen and resilience ofyouthful hair.

  • Vegan
  • Paraben-free and Sulfate Free
  • EnviroShield Complex preserves and protects the hair structure from environmental damage.
  • Cruelty free – no animal testing ever
  • All bottles recyclable


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