You Already Meditate - You Just Don't Know It!

You Already Meditate - You Just Don't Know It!

Does this sound familiar?

“I can’t meditate, my mind won’t stop thinking.”

“I can’t sit still that long.”

“I’ve tried; I’m just not a meditator.”

Consider this: Have you ever gazed in wonder at the night sky or the vast ocean; or become so engrossed in painting a picture, listening to music, or even watching children at play, that you lost track of time? Maybe you zone out when you’re doing something repetitive or rhythmic, such as running or walking, even doing the dishes! That is meditation. Your mind isn’t empty when you do these things; it’s focused on one thing, which shuts out all the distractions.

Why should you consider meditating – and what’s it really all about?

There is nothing mysterious or difficult about meditation. Meditation isn’t what many people think: sitting cross-legged in a dark room with incense burning, chanting a mantra over and over. We go into meditation not so much for the experience itself, but for the beneficial effects in our daily lives when we’re not meditating. We become more responsive and less reactive, more aware and better equipped to live our lives fully.

The benefits and effects of meditation have now been scientifically proven and accepted in the medical community, with doctors and hospitals becoming advocates of this powerful healing modality.

It lowers physical and mental stress, increasing energy, reducing high blood pressure and enabling the heart to deliver more blood with less effort. Leading universities have introduced meditation courses to their curricula, and more psychiatrists each day are suggesting meditation to help their patients.
Beyond these significant health benefits, the greatest gift of meditation is the sense of calm and inner peace it brings into our daily life.

When we meditate, we go beyond the mind’s noisy chatter into an entirely different place: the silence of a mind that is not imprisoned by the past or the future.

One more excuse for not meditating: “I just don’t have the time.” Do you have five minutes to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and simply focus on your breath? Inhale, exhale, slowly count ten breaths. Inhale, exhale, slowly count ten breaths. Five minutes. Next time perhaps a few minutes longer. That’s how you begin your journey to greater inner peace, greater calm in your life, less stress or anxiety.

On a personal level, meditation brings me greater self-awareness and even self-realization. In my quest many years ago to discover my spiritual center of gravity I began experiencing profound states of relaxation. Through this new, exciting and mysterious path I had entered, meditation became the way of restoring balance and clarity between my inner and outer world. Meditation is a wonderful, loving gift you can give yourself.

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