What is Holistic Hair Care?

What is Holistic Hair Care?

So there I was, standing in line at a supermarket one afternoon in 1975, waiting for a gentleman up ahead to sort through a fistful of coupons while the checker stood patiently by. Nothing for me to do but  leaf through the National Enquirer on the rack for the latest celebrity stories, UFO sightings and other “exclusive news.” Since I’d been a hairstylist for more than fifteen years, this ad headline immediately grabbed my attention: “VITAMINS FOR THE HAIR!” 

Like many people, I had been taking nutritional supplements for a long time. But special vitamins for the hair – what a brilliant idea…and why didn’t I think of it? The ad claimed that this product was the answer to new hair growth, to achieving a healthy, fuller head of hair. As I read further, I saw that the ingredients were simply a combination of vitamins and minerals that were found in many combination supplements. Sure, vitamins and minerals are helpful, some more than others when it comes to your hair, but by themselves they’re certainly not the magic bullet everyone is seeking.

That small ad in a supermarket tabloid really hit me, and crystallized the many years of personal and professional experience and observation into my own philosophy of holistic hair care. On the personal level, as a longtime practitioner and advocate of meditation and yoga, I was already well aware of the mind/body connection, and that your state of mind has a big impact on your health. Professionally, when Jay Sebring and I started the first men’s hairstyling salon in America we introduced many of the innovations that became part of my holistic concept.

Organic ingredients in our shampoos – unheard of back then – hair growth and conditioning treatments, scalp massaging techniques, and most importantly teaching our clients how to keep the hair they already had, and to keep it truly healthy and looking great. I also began to realize that people who possess thicker, fuller, more naturally beautiful hair are often those who eat more wholesome diets, exercise regularly and follow a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes though, it’s honestly just the luck of the draw called heredity.

My holistic philosophy then came to life and over the years evolved into today’s concept, based on the principle that when you are well nourished – body, mind, and spirit – you feel and look better. And that includes supporting and maintaining healthy hair from both the inside and the outside.

And that is holistic hair care.  

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