Hair Yoga

Hair Yoga

The simplest things in life are sometimes the most simply miraculous. Hair Yoga is just that simple and that miraculous.

If you’re rolling your eyes thinking Hair Yoga sounds like ‘woo-woo’ – I get it. Folks once felt that way about meditation – now they wouldn’t think of missing a day.

From my first experience with the techniques that I developed, my scalp felt instantly invigorated and alive; I knew I was on to something great. My clients soon came to agree, and no styling was complete without some form of scalp massage. The scalp is the very ‘earth’ from which your hair grows. When the scalp is supple, breathing and clean, it will have an easier time germinating new healthy hair growth, and keeping the hair you have!

Applying simple and thoughtful fingertip and palm pressure and gentle tapping, can release built-up tightness, deep-seated knots and soothe sore spots, enhancing a flowing stream of fresh healing energy from deep within. Give it a try! You will love starting each day feeling awakened and energized throughout your body, from head to toe.

To begin…
  • Go outside in nature first thing in the morning, or find a quiet, comfortable spot in your home, preferably near an open window.
  • Stand tall, inhale and exhale slowly and deeply for a few moments.
  • Gently bend your body down to where your head is about knee level, then briskly rap your entire scalp with your knuckles. Not too hard, just enough force that feels good for about thirty seconds, while you breathe naturally.
  • When you slowly raise up, your entire scalp is tingling with life!

Hair Yoga is a wonderful instant pick-me-up, revitalizing your entire hair growth system and relieving tension.

Any time you’re feeling tired or sluggish during the day, sit or bend over and run your fingertips firmly and evenly with a little pressure over your entire scalp. Start from the top of your forehead and finish at the base of your skull. Then grab a clump of hair and firmly pull it with a very short yank. Do this all over your head for a few moments. Don’t be afraid of pulling any hair out of the scalp – hair is not that fragile!

If you’ve ever experienced a really good scalp massage, it’s a treat that can soon become one of life’s necessities. One night aboard Elvis’ plane, the Lisa Marie, while we were on tour, I had just finished blow-drying his hair. It had become our ritual for me to give Elvis at least a few minutes of scalp massage. Well, I simply forgot, proceeding to brush his hair into place before spraying. Elvis looked up with a wry smile, “Ya know, Larry, I pay ya pretty damn well for taking care of my hair; the least you could do is give me my money’s worth…how ‘bout one of your famous scalp massages.” Like everyone else, Elvis loved it. You will, too – it’s great for your hair, and it feels so damn good!

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