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“I just ordered my second bottles of Envision Shampoo and Conditioner because they’re wonderful! I’ve tried high end salon shampoos to shampoos off supermarket shelves, and nothing compares to these. I can’t stop touching my own hair…LOL. People are saying “Your hair looks nice today,” and I go on and on about Larry Geller! Not only was he the hairdresser to Elvis Presley but many big name stars. I can honestly say the best shampoo that I have ever found…I will be using these forever!”

“These are genuinely excellent products, great turnaround time from order to reception. Got the products bubble wrapped and intact. Real test was in the shower! Smells great and noticeable difference when compared to other shampoos and conditioners — this is high end salon quality stuff without having to pay ridiculous salon markups. Definitely recommend and will shop here again when mine run out.”

“I have just started using Larry’s Envision Shampoo and Conditioner and after one use, my hair was already softer, shinier and just looks fantastic It also takes care of my naturally curly hair “frizz”. I highly recommend trying these products. I love them!!”

“I’ve been using your products for less than two weeks and I’m in love! My hair looks and feels better than ever and I’m amazed at how little I have to use. The styling spray is phenomenal and adds so much body to my previously limp locks. It smells amazing and I don’t even have to use hairspray after styling any longer. Thank you Wisdome Organics for making me love my hair again!”

“I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks and I can feel a difference in my hair – it’s fuller softer, but the best thing is I’ve had scalp psoriasis since a teen and every dermatologist gives me medicine nothing worked. Only thing that did was shots in my scalp . Since using this product my scalp is almost completely cleared up. You have no idea how happy I am with that. I love the smell and you sure don’t need much to feel a good lather . I met Larry in August 2017 a great guy, I’ve been looking forward to his product for along time. It was worth the wait.”

“Just started on my first bottle of Embody Shampoo this week and I like the way it smells and the way my hair looks and feels after drying it. Looking forward to trying out more of Larry’s products. Elvis trusted Larry with his hair all of those years! What more needs to be said?!”

I’ve been waiting for Larry to get this out for years! It makes my hair soft, which I love. Being older my hair is thinning out faster than I like. Hope using this will help slow it down! And I was happy to find out it’s safe for color-treated hair!

It is the best shampoo I have tried, and I have tried many different shampoos . So this is the best shampoo ever for me – I love it, and I can recommend this shampoo for all people.

Makes my hair feel and look thicker.

Well this is the first time of using it, and I am very impressed. I’ve been waiting a long time for these products. I would recommend them and I will continue to use them! Thanks, Larry.

Thank you, Larry Geller, for making these wonderful Wisdome Organics products available and including your overseas customers. I Look forward to including ‘Vitalize Scalp / Follicle Serum’ in my next order, and I thoroughly recommend your products!

I have very baby fine hair with no body. The Vitalize follicle serum is absolutely wonderful. Makes my hair have more body and look thicker.

Best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used! My hair feels really nice now!

I was so happy when I tried my Wisdome Organics Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time. It was a divine experience! They are a powerhouse combination which left my hair smelling beautiful and feeling silky-smooth. Plus my hair had increased volume, something I love! Just as the instructions say, you only need a small amount of shampoo to nicely wash the hair, and a short time for the conditioner to work. My hair loves these products, and so do I!

I smiled when my daughter received a package from Wisdome Organics a few days ago.  I had bought her Larry’s shampoo and conditioner for Christmas – I knew whatever he made had to be good.  She had mentioned she was getting compliments on her hair, but I forgot to ask if she was using the Wisdome Organics products.  Her package answered my question!

LOVE the shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair feel clean, soft and smells so good. I’ve never loved a shampoo more than Embody. Love it!

My youngest daughter and I use the shampoo and conditioner and it is THE BEST. Her hair is colored red, and her hair stylist told her not to expect it to last, since red is notorious for fading fast. When she returned to the salon for her next appointment, the hairstylist was in shock at how good it still looked! Cannot recommend Wisdome Organics products enough!! Thank you so very much, Larry!!

I have tried the shampoo, conditioner, and styling spray and Oh My Goodness I absolutely Love what they have done for my hair! I just wish I had found this years ago! I hope you will try these great products, and I know you will love them too!

These products have completely changed the way my hair looks and feels! I have been a paramedical clinical aesthetician for over 20 years and have tried every product possible for thinning and limp hair. I need to look and feel my best, especially for my clients and being in the beauty and health care business. I highly recommend these products for men and women and I know that you will be just as pleased as I am. Thank you Larry Geller, for finally putting out the product that I cannot find anywhere else!

I have dry and damaged hair from years of coloring my hair. I’ve spent so much money on different conditioners or hair masques; some were okay and some did nothing. When I tried Larry’s Wisdome Organics shampoo, conditioner and styling spray, I was blown away by how smooth and silky my hair looked after the first use! My coworkers and friends noticed the difference in my hair and praised me how beautiful my hair looks now. I’m definitely ordering more! If you haven’t tried these products, you should. You will be happy with the results.

Yesterday I received my Wisdome Organics – Envision Shampoo & Conditioner and Dimension gel.
I tried the products for the first time today with Amazing Results!! After one use of Wisdome Organics by Larry Geller my hair was tangle-free, has more body and is softer!! Thank you Larry!

Oh My Goodness!!! Thank you, Larry. I am so Over The Moon Happy with Your Shampoo and Serum!!! My Hairdresser asked what I was using because my hair is no longer falling out and is so much healthier. ❤️❤️ 🙂 I will for sure be a repeat customer!!

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for several months now and my hair has found a friend for life! Looking forward to not only trying the other products but also to benefiting from the wisdom of Larry and his team!

I love the Wisdome Organics products! I have used the Envision shampoo and conditioner. You only need a small amount.. it smells delicious and already makes my hair feel great. Also, the styling spray is strongly recommended. My hair feels soft and is shiny, I normally use some hairspray but WO ‘creative’ styling spray does its work without making my hair feel heavy and the scent stays all day : ) Love the fact that it’s organic and plant-based. Good for your body and our planet! Thank you, Larry, for these amazing products! <3

I’ve always tried to use the purest most natural ingredients in my hair care. I ordered the Envision & Embody shampoos from Larry, plus the Dimension Gel & Vitalize serum. I consider these products to be top quality!! My hair has body, shine, bounce, & just feels amazing after using Larry’s products!!! I think of it as my Elvis shampoo when I reach for it!

I opened the Envision Shampoo bottle, took a whiff and rubbed a small amount together in my hands until a beautiful silky foam formed. Just like it says to do in the directions. As I’m applying it to my hair a thought comes to mind almost like it was whispered in my ear… “Do you realize if Elvis was alive THIS would probably be the hair product he’d be using today too.” My heart kinda skipped a beat thinking about that. Thank you, Larry, for sharing these products with the world – I love what they do for my hair!!

I have been using the Embody shampoo, conditioner and Creative styling spay for months now. To my surprise, it works wonders on my baby fine hair. I love it and will definitely order again.